Coach Phillip Ironside

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dear Coach’s Corner Supporter,

I am writing to give a coaches perspective on the impact of Coach’s Corner on young people’s lives. I met Steve a little over three years ago. The first day we met he introduced himself and told me about Coach’s Corner and that he was here to assist me in any way possible.

As a coach you put your guard up when a stranger comes around and says they want to help. There usually is a catch. With Coach’s Corner and Steve there was not. I could list numerous things that Steve has done to better our program from helping find sponsors for kids to go to camp, to team building exercise, to taking kids one on one to try and help them through tough situations. They put together summer passing leagues for metro Atlanta schools at no cost to the teams. They organize the recruiting expo to allow high school coaches to showcase some of their players to college recruiters.

Steve is a man of integrity and that is why he has been so successful all of his life. The one thing I can always count on is if I ask Steve to do something or he says he will get it done he will make it happen. He and Coach’s Corner have become an integral part of our team. He is like a fellow coach to our staff and our players.

Coach’s Corner helped lay the foundation for our character education program at Campbell H.S. It has been able to impact around a hundred athletes a year and that is only at our school. I truly believe that athletics are an avenue to minister to young people. We as coaches spend more time and have more influence on these young men than probably anyone in their lives. Coach’s Corner provides the support network to help coaches get this information to the athletes.

If you have the means to help support Coach’s Corner you are investing money to help better equip our young people to be leaders in the future. Not all schools or coaches are putting this message out there. Without your support Steve and his team are limited to the amount of schools they can help. The importance of their support, friendship, and trust cannot be measured in my opinion. I know that without a doubt I can count on Steve Harkey for the rest of my life. He has become a great friend as well as a member of the Spartan Team. Please take time to consider what you can do to support Coach’s Corner.

Sincerely yours,

Phillip Ironside
Head Football Coach
Campbell High School
5265 Ward Street
Smyrna, GA 30080